Digital Diorama

Using a fascinating mix of symbolic images that cover everything from fashion and iconic sites to industrial antiques, kitsch objects and animals, Carolyn translates emotions into multi-layered stories. The finished works are inspired by dreams, fables, delving into the subconscious and global issues.

Universal heartbeat

Wrong side of the tracks

Swan kween

Sight unseen

Here you come again

Rose coloured glasses

Eye of the beholder


Something fishy

Marquess Marc

I hope there is light after darkness


Got the blues

Lady of the canyon

Powder puff girls

Once in a lifetime

Princess and the pea

Cut it out

I need an Island 2

Ship wrecked

Save me from tomorrow

Lone Wolf

Weight of the world

Wolf at the door

Run wild run free…..

No Party

What is behind that curtain?

Fairground Attraction (X=X)

Laws of Attraction

Tree of life

Exit stage left

Whats the time Mr?